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7 necessary tips for new Blog & Website

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As a new blogger we make many mistake with our blog for which we have to suffer later. Not to make those mistake and to know what you need to do first with your new blog follow this article. Here I’m  going to show you 7 things that every blogger must do with their new blog.

7 necessary tips for new blog & website

But wait did you read my previous article on which I have shown how to make your own website. This article is just the continuation of that previous article. As you have create your own blog with the help of my previous article. Now its time to implement 7 necessary things to your blog.

As a beginner you wont know now the usefulness of this 7 tips. But for sure you will realise in future. And you will thank me for the seven tips. Anyway now lets start with the 7 tips for a new blog.

#1.Content Writing in Advance

write content for blog in advance

As a new blogger many often make this mistake. They will create the blog and will let Search engine crawl the empty site. I should say that it is one of the worst mistake made by almost every blogger. So I don’t want you also to make the same mistake. Don’t fall into the same category by allowing search engine to crawl your empty site.

Once you have created your own blog. You have to write some great article (post ). In fact I advice you to write 3 to 4 quality article in advance before even you have created the blog. If you do so write in advance it will easier for you to focus on other  tips.

So hope now you got it that you need to create some quality content in advance. Even if you have not created the content in advance. Write it soon after you have completed creating your blog.

Believe me doing so search engine like Google, Bing will love your site from your initial stage itself. Do so search engines will know that you are a serious blogger. And soon you will start ranking on Search results.

#2.Creating Static Pages

static pages for blog

The second tips is to create static page. Static page helps a lot to make your site an authority site. To gain the trust of your reader as well search engine you need static page. Now you may wanna know what are those static pages. Well its your blog’s About, Content , Privacy policy, FAQ , Service, Guess Post page.

When you write any article which are also known as post are called dynamic post. Dynamic post are to provide your main content about your niche. Static pages are for your reader and Search engine to know you as well to know your business( Blog/website).

In some case your blog might not need static pages like Service, FAQ, Guess post. But 3 static page like About , Contact and Privacy Policy are mandatory for every blog and website.

In About page, you can write about you and your team if you have editor , writer etc. You also need to give some information about your blog or about your business on About page.

In Contact page provide all the possible way to contact you and your team. Like you can provide the your social profile url ( link ) , Your blog fan page link, Your email address. If you have local business provide contact details of your business like physical Address of your business, Email and Phone number of your business etc.

Lastly the Privacy policy page is where you will write down all the terms and conditions of your blog. You also give details about if you are collecting your site visitors or not. if you are collecting this data , then how and why you are collecting it. You can also provide details about what they of advertisement you are using on your site to generate revenue.

#3.Creating Social media Fan page

social site fan page for blog

Social site are one of the best way of growing your brand or website. Almost everyone today is present on social media site. Everyone have their own social profile and every brand have their own social fan page. So, you also need social fan page for your blog.

Before anyone take away your blog social fan page username ( url ) you must reserve it. Create fan page on every social site like Facebook , instagram, twitter etc. Make sure that your social fan page username or url are same as your blog url or name.

Having social fan page will not only bring traffic to your blog but also it will make your blog an authority blog. Which in turn will help your blog ranking on search engine like google, bing etc.

And belive me if you can make use of all the social site in a proper way it will bring more traffic to your blog than any search engine.

#4.Design of your new blog or website

themes design of blog

Do you know the beauty of your blog also matters a lot. You must try to make it as more attractive as possible. Perfect themes for your blog can double the engagement of the reader. Themes and design can also help you in ranking search engine. If you have blog on WordPress, you can get many free good themes. Even if your blog is on Google blogger you can search for good template on google. There are many template available for free.

If you have create your blog or website on WordPress and if you have little money to invest on design i suggest you to go with genesis framework. Genesis framework is the best framework for WordPress site. Even is on genesis framework. Genesis themes are also perfect for Search engine as they are fully optimised with all structure data.

But if your blog is on Google blogger. You must go with Arlina design template. Arlina design template are perfect as they are built with schema data and with all other structure data.

Most importantly don’t forget to make your design user-friendly. Also choose responsive design themes or template. People today mainly browse the internet with their mobile phone. So it is necessary to make your blog mobile friendly by selecting responsive themes or template.

#5. Submit blog to Webmaster

submit blog to webmaster tool

What is the use of quality content if those content are not reaching the right audience. You can get right audience for your blog by search engine. And to make your blog appear on search engine search result you have to submit your blog to search engine webmaster tool.

Even if you don’t add your blog to webmaster tool still your blog content will appear on search engine. But it will take time. Also if you don’t submit manually, only few article will be there on search result from your blog. So in order to get all your content index by search engine like google bing. You must submit your blog or add your blog to webmaster tool manually.

Visit Google webmaster tool and submit your blog or add your blog and verify. After that the same way add your blog to bing and other search engine webmaster tool.

While adding your blog to search engine don’t forget to add your sitemap too. Your blog sitemap url will be . Example is my site sitemap. Sitemap contain all the link ( url ) of your blog post, page, category and tag. So it help search engine in indexing your site faster as search engine will know instantly whenever you publish new blog post.

#6.Add blog to Google Analytics

submit blog to google analytics

Next tip is to add your blog to Google Analytics. Google analytics is really helpful if you have little idea about it like how to use it properly.

By visiting Google analytic site add your blog link over their. And you have to copy the tracking code of Google analytic. The code then you need to paste the at the bottom of your blog source code that is just before the end of html tag.

Once you setup Google analytic account for your blog. You can then track your blog visitor. You will get all data of your blog on Google analytic. those data can be use improve your blog. Also you search keywords of your blog which you can use to improve the ranking of your blog on google search result.

Google analytic is a life saver for blogger. You get all your blog data in one place. Also you can link your webmaster tool account and Adsense account with Google analytic. And believe me it is really helpful if you link both the account with Google analytic.

#7.Apply for Google AdSense

apply for google adsense

All new blogger start their earning from their blog with AdSense only. Google AdSense is the primary earning source for many blogger and YouTuber.

There is no doubt, you too will love to start earning from your new blog. So to start earning you need to apply for Google AdSense.  As AdSense is the easiest and simplest way of generating revenue from your new blog.

Note that Google Adsense is not the only way to earn from your blog. There are many other ways of earning from blog but i suggest adsense as it will be the easiest for beginner.

Google AdSense doesnt approve new blog easily but it is also not tought to get approved. As i said before to write content in advance. So if you have written some quality content on your blog. You can apply for adsense account. But before you apply for Google Adsense make sure your blog is already in Google search. If you have done with all the tips above i have provided. Then surely your Adsense Account will get approved.

With this we have reach the end of this article. I hope you will follow this article and take necessary action for your new blog. In next article I will guide you on how you can submit your blog to Google , Bing and other search engine and make your blog appear on google result. Mean time don’t forget to subscribe to via your email to get notification whenever I publish new article.

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