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So you have a blog or website which you want to make it appear on search engine right ? I’m going to show you in details on how to submit your blog to Google, Bing , yahoo, Yandex and other search engine.

Every search engine have their own Webmaster tool which is also known as Search Console. Example Google Search Console.
So thought that panel only we gonna submit the site to search engine.

I’m going to show you in details on how to submit blog to search engine. Also gonna show you the way to one click submission for Google and Bing. One click submission is easier but is limited. If you submit with one click submission shortcuts you wont be able to track your search keywords and many more.

submit to Google bing yandex search engine

So I suggest you to follow the in deep guide to submit blog to google , bing etc instead of the shortcut way. anyway if you want to know why to submit to search engine. you can check out my previous post on which I have discuss 7 tips which are necessary for every new blog. Where I have also include this Webmaster tool topic.

Anyway now lets start with the first step to submit blog to Google search engine.

Submit blog to Google Search Engine

To submit to google search engine. We are going to follow to method. Which are show below:

Very first you have to go to Google webmaster page from here. You will be landed on a page where many bla bla will be written. You just click on the option Search Console and it will take you to the Google Search console panel.

There will be an option on top of right corner Add A Property in red color just click ont it. A box to add url will appear. Type your site homepage url as show below and click on Add.

Google search console tool add a property

It will take you to a verification page. You get many option to verify that you own the site. Click on Alternate method as we are going to use the HTML tag option to verify the site.

Click on the option HTML tag and you will get your html tag to verify your site. Now just copy the tag and add it at the head section of your blog. Add it just after the opening head tag.

google webmaster tool verification meta tag

If you are on WordPress. you get many plugin to add html tag. So you can use those plugin to add the tag instead of messing up with your blog code.

For WordPress blog you can use header footer plugin. Some WordPress themes have inbuilt header footer box example Genesis themes. So if you are on genesis framework, just copy and paste the html tag from search console to your header box. Also if you are using Yoast seo plugin you can use it to paste the html code. Even WordPress plugin Jetpack have webmaster option to paste html tag

If you are on Google blogger and if you use the same google account for both blogger account and webmaster account it will be verified automatically. Or else you have to manually place the search console html tag to your blog head section by going to edit html.

Anyway by now i assume that you have copied the html tag and pasted on your blog. Now all you need to do is simply click on Verify option which is in red color.

Now it will show you “Congratulations, you have successfully verified your ownership of Then click on continue and you will be taken to webmaster dashboard.

Now you need to do the basic setup like Adding sitemap, Setting up site version www or non www, target country.

To add sitemap just click on the Sitemap option. It will take you to sitemap page. Here click on Add/Test sitemap option. After that click on the Submit option as shown below image.

Google webmaster tool add sitemap

Done. Your site is now successfully add or say submitted to Google webmaster tool. Soon it will start appearing on google search result. To check your blog on google search result type on search box and it will show you all the link or page that google have index from your blog.

One click submission to Google Search Engine

As i said that i will also show you the one click submission method so here it is.

Visit Google one click submission site.
In this page you will see one box. Here you will need to type or paste your blog url. After that verify that you are not a robot. Finally click on Submit Request option.

Google one click submission tool for blog

Done your site will be soon index by Google crawler. And it will start appearing on Google search result. If you want to check your blog appearing or not. You can follow the above same method to do that.

We are finally done with the submission of your blog to google. There are many useful features available on Google Search Console. So make use of those features to grow your blog. Next we are going to see how to submit blog or website to Bing webmaster tool to make our blog appear on bing search result.

Submit blog to Bing & Yahoo

Bing search engine was launch in 2009. The search engine is the second largest search engine on internet after Google search engine. Bing search engine is own by Microsoft.

As Microsoft is the owner of bing, Bing is the default search engine for Microsoft internet explorer browser. Whenever you make a search on internet explorer it will by default show you the result from bing search result. to know more about Bing search engine visit this Wikipedia page.

Note : Bing and Yahoo now are the same. Bing and Yahoo merge together their service. So if you add your blog to Bing webmaster tool. It will also be added to yahoo webmaster tool. Which means submitting your site to Bing will also get submitted to Yahoo. And you blog article will also appear on Yahoo search result.

Anyway now lets move towards on how to add your blog to Bing and yahoo search engine. follow the steps below. there are two ways to add site to bing and yahoo. One submitting by Bing webmaster tool and another is one click submission page.

Steps to add blog to Bing & Yahoo search Engine

To add your blog to Bing & Yahoo, you first need to visit Bing webmaster tool ( click here ) . Here you get one sign up or sign in page. If you already have Microsoft account , you can use that to login to bing webmaster tool. Or else you will need to click on Sign up option and create a new bing webmaster tool account. To create bing webmaster tool account, you can use your Gmail account.

On bing webmaster tool dashboard you will see one option to add your site. Just below Add a site there is a box. Enter your blog url in that box and click on ADD option.

Bing webmaster tool add sitemap

Once you click on the option ADD. It will take you to a page where you also need to type or paste your blog sitemap url. Just like the image above enter your blog homepage url and your blog sitemap address. And then click on Add once again.

Bing webmaster tool verify site ownership meta tag

Just like we did to verify our site on Google webmaster tool, here also we need to follow the same process to verify the ownership of the site. So copy the meta tag and paste the meta tag on the head section of your blog.

As i said before if you are on WordPress blog , you can use any plugin to paste the meta tag. And if you are on Google blogger you need to paste manually just after the opening of the head code on your blog source code. which you can do by going to settings and edit html option.

After you are done with the meta tag. Now click on verify option and will ownership will be verified. Done you have successfully add your blog to bing webmaster tool. It will take some time for bing to crawl and index your site. Once bingbot crawl and index your site. then only you will see your blog article or your website product appearing on bing and yahoo search result.

One click submission to Bing search engine

Just like Google one click submission tool. There is also one click submission tool for bing and yahoo. You can use this one click submission tool to add your site to Bing and yahoo.

But i strong suggest you to submit using the bing webmaster tool. But incase if you don’t want to follow the whole process , you can utilise this one click submission.

Anyway to submit url to bing by one click submission visit this site first ( click here ). Now you will see one box just below Type the url of your homepage. Here you need to type your blog url.

bing one click submission webmaster tool for blog

After that verify the CAPTCHA by entering the words exactly as shown on that image. Finally click on Submit. Done your blog will be soon index by bing search engine.

Next im going to show you how to submit your blog to Yandex search engine. Yandex is also one of the biggest search engine. So it is worth submitting your blog to Yandex.

Submit blog to Yandex search engine

Yandex is one of the biggest search engine in Russia. If you are targeting russian traffic then it is the best place to submit your blog. And believe me it is more easier to rank on yandex comparing to Google. Once your blog get listed on Yandex search result your blog will get a lot of visitors.

Anyway to submit your blog to Yandex visit Yandex webmaster tool registration page. Register and verify your yandex webmaster account by OTP which was sent to your mobile number.

yandex search engine add site blog

Now you will see Add site option. Click on it and enter your blog url. And then click on the option ADD.
After which you will be taken to verification page. Here you will get the meta tag which you need to paste it on the head section of your blog.

Copy the meta tag just like you have done for Google and bing and paste it just below head code of your blog.

yandex verification meta tag code

Once you have pasted the code on your blog click on Check. Yandex will check for the meta tag on your blog and if found it will verify your site and it will add the site to yandex webmaster tool.

yandex search engine add sitemap

You have added your blog to yandex now it time to add yoour blog sitemap. To add the sitemap click on Indexing and Under that click on Sitemap file option. After type your blog sitemap address on next page. Click on Add and your blog sitemap will be added to yandex webmaster tool.

Finally you are even done with the submission of your blog to Yandex too. Yandex will soon visit your site and it will include your blog to yandex search result.

We are done with the top search engine. I believe that you have successfully submitted your blog successfully to Google , bing and Yandex. Apart from this top search engine there are many other small search engine. It will be good if you also add your blog to those small search engine too. So to add to those search engine we are going to make use of one online submission tool that is Entireweb .

Submit to Search Engine with Entireweb

Entireweb is a website or you can call it as an online tool. Entireweb is use to submit blog to search engine in bulk. It can also be considered as one click submission. You just need to enter your blog url and your email address. After that entireweb will add your blog to more than 10 search engine in a minutes.

To submit your blog go to Entireweb. Here type your blog homepage and your email address. after that click on Proceed. On next page choose the free plan and it will sent you one verification email.

entireweb submit to all search engine

Click on the link sent to you via email. Your blog will be submitted to all the search engine.

Yes, finally you are done with the submission of your site to search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc. It will take sometimes for search engine to index your blog content. Once search bot visit your site and index your blog content. Your blog will start appearing to all the search engine search result.

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